Book of Appreciation

Not that long ago, each Upchurch Watson White & Max office kept its own "book of appreciation," usually a ring binder collecting paper-and-ink messages from the attorneys and parties we've assisted over the years. These were usually displayed in our lobbies. Those were the days when a hand-written note was not out of the ordinary.

Now we find we are receiving emails that express similar thoughts, and we wanted to anonymize them and present them to you electronically, in case you wondered what our clients think of our work in settling disputes and keeping them out of court.  

  • Thank you, UWWM

Messages from 2013

Thank you, Mediator X.  I mentioned to Name earlier today that I don’t think this would have settled without your persistence and persuasion.  We appreciate your making this happen and look forward to working with you again.

Anonymous attorney

Messages from 2014

I can’t tell you how impressed I am (always) with your skills, empathy and most of all tenacity. I can’t thank you enough for staying on top of this for an extended time. Unfortunately, some cases just turn out this way. It’s not a testament to the work you did (in fact, I don’t think they would have paid $75k had we not had the mediation the way we did) that we could not get more. I can only tell you that you are simply the very best at what you do.

Thanks again!

A Miami Attorney

Messages from 2015

Mediator D:  Back in Philly.  A balmy 20 degrees!  I wanted to thank you for your great work yesterday in a difficult case.  I now know why you have the reputation as the best mediator in South Florida.  Now that I now you travel, I will keep that in mind.  Best regards, Attorney 5